Friday, February 04, 2011

My Interview with Aljazeera International


Anonymous said...

Hope you and all Palestinians continue to fight your right.
I do not like to mention this but perhaps this is the reality to all Palestinians. If you only fight in your own land, Israel has nothing to lose. They will just laugh. If they run out of military ammunition, “America the Israelis Supporter” will deliver it to them. If any of their trooper dead, they will always be able to send more new troops, well trained in America. If Israel lacks of money, America will always help, giving them as much as they want. Do all Palestinians see these? It seems to be no end. If you want to kill a snake, strike his head. If you want to remove gangs, make sure the activity center was destroyed. And that is not located in or near your beloved area. It will make them understand and comprehend what it is suffering and the fear that you and your kids have felt for almost 70 years!

- Mr Think

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