Friday, April 16, 2010

She was like An Angel

She was like an angel when I saw her dancing with a group of classmates in Alassria Cultural Center in Jabalia Refugee Camp. I didn’t see her for three years. I asked my friend Abdallah Abuzaiter, the instructor “isn’t she the girl from Abulaish family who joined our summer camp in Alassria before three years, didn’t she die in the last war on Gaza ?”. Abdallah says: “No Adham, she is still alive, don’t you see here in front of your eyes? She is Esraa Abulaish, who joined the summer camp and was with you in the song corner”.

Honestly, I didn’t believe Abdallah and asked her to come, to check myself she is Esraa. Yes, she is Esraa, Thanks GOD. Sadly, I thought Esraa was killed during the war when Israeli missile targeted their house. I didn’t remember her name at the horrible time of the war. Now I realize the truth that she is not the daughter of Dr. Ezzaldeen Abulaish, He is her uncle and the four girls who were killed are her cousins, Besan 20, Mayar 15, Aya 14 and Noor 14 years old.

Esraa is 11 years old. She has a strong desire and continues her life despite of the massacre she witnessed during the war on Gaza.

She is still the lovely girl I met in the summer camp. I talked with her but didn’t mention to my previous thought that she was killed and the tragedy death of her cousins trying not to remind her of the horrific memories.

She went back to the activity with a shiny smile and keeps dancing with the group like a little angel.

I wish Esraa and the Palestinian children all the happiness and peace in their life.

Please kindly watch this report about the tragedy of Dr. Ezzaldeen Abulaish family. He is a messenger of peace and serves in Palestinian and Israeli Hospitals. He is nominated for Nobel Peace Prize and surely he deserves it.


Karin said...

That's a wonderful story Adham and I am more than glad about the outcome ... to find someone alive who you thought was dead is fantastic! I distinctly remember Dr. Abulaish ... the war .. the minutes after he learned about the murder of his daughters ... the heartbreaking cry of a father on TV ... it was horrific just like the entire war! He is a fantastic man and fact is, we or rather this whole planet would need many more like him! He DOES deserve the Nobel Peace Price - no doubt about that!

I have a big request: When you will see Esraa again, would you please give her a big hug for me and tell her, it comes from someone in the US who loves her?

Thinking of you all!

Anonymous said...

By coincidence, there were two stories on Dr. Abuelaish in the Toronto Star over the last couple of days. Perhaps they would be of interest to you and to your readers. I rejoice in your reunion with Esraa and wish her and you a future of fruitful peace.