Friday, October 09, 2009

War and asbestos holes



Walking through the narrow streets in Jabalia Refugee camp in northern of  the Gaza Strip, we arrived to Mr. Basher Abueata's  house. He lives with his family consists of eleven persons in a small and simple house. It covers by asbestos which is full of holes  happened during the last war on Gaza when Israeli F16 shelled a house closed to his house. Fragments fell on his house and have made holes in asbestos.

He usually suffers in winter when it rains  as water comes through holes inside rooms, so he used to put buckets under holes to collect water inside them.

Mr.Abueta is unemployed since 2000, the beginning of Intifada . He and his son Hasan 21 years old are suffering from Asthma.  

His house was nominated to benefit from the project Post-War Recovery and Psychosocial Support for Gaza Youth.  

This project is a collaboration between AFSC and AFSC’s partner youth groups engaged in Youth Bank and funded by UUSC in August 2009.

The main goal of the project is to re-establish a sense of normalcy in the lives of people, especially young people, following the recent war in Gaza, by engaging youth in the mental and physical reconstruction of their communities.


This project helps this family in covering their house by  iron sheets." What you have done, improve my life, now I can use the salon after it covers by Iron sheets. Yesterday I  felt the benefits of this project when it rained", said Abueta.

But the dream is not completed. Mr.Abueta's house needs more services. The bathroom, kitchen and doors need maintenance, so that he wishes the project to continue and  serve people like him.

Mr.Abueta's case is one of 20 families who have benefited of this project in different places in the Gaza Strip.