Saturday, May 23, 2009

Solidarity With Gaza Fishermen

         Everyday I hear in the news about firing on the Palestinian fishermen in Gaza. Yesterday I was invited to attend a strike to support the fishermen in Gaza port which was organized by the International campaign to end the siege on Gaza. Gaza fishermen take a risk to feed their children.
More than 3500 fishermen and 2000 work in related jobs of fishing are affected by Israeli navy attacks. They usually fire on them. Furthermore, they only allow for fishermen to fish up to 8 miles. So that, fishermen cannot fish the best. The best fishing begins at 18 miles out . Israeli navy attacks are opposed with Oslo accords of 1993stippulated that Palestinian fishermen are entitled to fish up to 20 nautical miles out. 

Palestinian believe that this unjust siege must be broken. They keep demonstrating peacefully to aware the international community about the dangerous factors resulted by Israeli siege. Palestinian come united to support the poor fishermen. 
George , a Grecian , member of international solidarity movement . he has come to Gaza on the first free boat .he said that :" I come here to support the Palestinian fishermen who suffer from the Israeli navy. since the end of war, 5 fishermen were injured, 14 boats were seized and 32 fishermen were abducted. He also add : we want to raise the attention for international community to the issue of fishermen and to establish international campaign to support them."

In OCHA report March 2009, Fishing is still restricted to three nautical miles from the coast, which prevents sufficient catches and limits profit. The damage inflicted on Rafah’s fishing stores during the hostilities has nearly halted fishing activities in Rafah. Fishing nets, rope, tiding twine, gas mantles and floats are in short supply

Don’t be selfish , think about Gaza Fishermen who have only two choices : to be poor or to work in dangerous conditions. 
Now is the time to save the souls of victims.
Take action to break the siege 
Make a pressure on your governments which keep silent on Gaza siege.
I wish world to move seriously using all ways towards breaking the siege on Gaza strip.