Friday, January 02, 2009

Israeli Terrorist propaganda is UNTRUTHFULL

Dear all , 

It is not true to say " war between Hamas and Israel , It is Israeli terrorist occupation that have invaded and occupied Palestine since 1948 . I am eyewitness from Gaza , you may think that Hamas is a country has powerfull and great army , It is lies , Hamas and othere factions are trying to defend palestinians from the continuing masacres ,invasions,airstrikes.... Hey , Palestinian factions do not own tanks,warplanes ,warships and rockets ... They have homemade missiles , minds and simple weapons , they cannot do anything against Israeli great powerfull army , I think it is away to act our reaction to Israeli agressions and masacres against Palestinian civilians.

What are u waiting from Palestinians who live under complete siege , dailly killed and their houses destroyed .Are you waiting them to smile and thank Israelis ?!

Human who keeps sillent of Israeli masacres and Holocaust against Palestinian is main part of it .

UN: Israel committing "wanton aggression" in the Gaza Strip

New York - Ma'an/UN - The behavior by Israel in bombarding Gaza is simply the commission of wanton aggression by a very powerful state against a territory that it illegally occupies.

Time has come to take firm action if the United Nations does not want to be rightly accused of complicity by omission.

The Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip represent severe and massive violations of international humanitarian law as defined in the Geneva Conventions, both in regard to the obligations of an Occupying Power and in the requirements of the laws of war. 

Those violations include: 

Collective punishment - The entire 1.5 million people who live in the crowded Gaza Strip are being punished for the actions of a few militants. 

Targeting civilians
- The airstrikes were aimed at civilian areas in one of the most crowded stretches of land in the world, certainly the most densely populated area of the Middle East. 

Disproportionate military response
- The airstrikes have not only destroyed every police and security office of Gaza's elected government, but have killed and injured hundreds of civilians; at least one strike reportedly hit groups of students attempting to find transportation home from a university.

I remind all member states of the United Nations that the UN continues to be bound to an independent obligation to protect any civilian population facing massive violations of international humanitarian law - regardless of what country may be responsible for those violations. 

I call on all member states, as well as officials and every relevant organ of the United Nations system, to move expeditiously not only to condemn Israel's serious violations, but to develop new approaches to providing real protection for the Palestinian people.

***H.E. Mr. Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann is president of the 63rd session of the United Nations General Assembly. He issued this statement at UN Headquarters in New York on 27 December 2008.


shlemazl said...

they cannot do anything against Israeli great powerfull army

So true! Then they better stop shelling Israel. Enough is enough.

Human who keeps sillent of Israeli masacres and Holocaust against Palestinian is main part of it.

You don't know the meaning of the word. If Israel wanted to exterminate Gazans it would have taken her about 30 minutes. As it is Israel is fighting with one hand behind her back: supplying Gazans with food, taking in injured civilians, trying to minimize civilian casualties... All at the very time Israeli towns are been shelled.

Here are some numbers for you (I can provide references on request):

9,400+ rockets and mortars fired from Gaza since 2003.

3,200+ rockets and mortars fired from Gaza in 2008 alone.

6,500+ rockets and mortars fired from Gaza since Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005.

543+ rockets and mortars fired from Gaza into Israeli territory during the ceasefire from June 19 to Dec. 19, 2008.

28 deaths caused by rockets and mortars fired from Gaza into Israel since 2001. The dead include Israelis, Palestinians and foreign workers. Since the ceasefire ended, Iran-backed Palestinian groups in Gaza fired rockets and mortars that killed an Israeli-Arab construction worker and a mother of four who was seeking shelter in a bus station as a rocket warning siren sounded.

1,000+ people in Israel injured from rockets and mortars fired from Gaza since 2001, including Israelis, Palestinians and foreign workers. Since the ceasefire, 44 Israelis have been injured and 200 have been treated for shock.

20,000 Hamas troops Israel is targeting as part of “Operation Cast Lead.”

750,000 number of Israeli civilians Hamas is targeting and can reach.

15 seconds Israelis have to get to a bomb shelter once a warning siren has sounded.

8 years that Israel has been hit by rockets and mortars from Gaza

3 mosques in Gaza used as weapons, ammunitions and explosives depots that were struck by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) during the operation in Gaza .

Anonymous said...

2006 the Palestinians had a great opportunity to vote for a peaceful alternative. Hamas had a USP(unique selling point) to eradicate Israel from the map. 76 against 45 votes declared palestinians as the first country with free elections and democracy. Normally there is a brutal government which defines the power but here its the peoples choice to goto war. Attacking Israel day after day would render even the kindest hart cold and empty. I cry only tears when I see Palestinian children getting hurt but I for dead Palestinians well over 30 years of age that get slauthered I just see another dead terrorist.

Jazi fet said...

the Israeli government [those responsible for this massacre] should pay for what they have done killing women and children is not right i don't care what you label them.....

Edila said...

My heart is bleeding, I can only imagine what the palestinians from gaza are sofering, my prayers are with the palestinians.

Edila (from Brazil)

Anonymous said...

Hey Adham,
I just don't know how to put down in words what I feel, just want to tell you that I feel really sorry for you people from Gaza, and I truly hope you will be free soon as you deserve. Free palestine!
Greetings from Spain.


~ h a n i m h u s i n ~ said...

i lost my words and i'm very angry looking how my brothers and sisters at GAZA are threaten by ISRAELI!
i always pray for all PALESTINIANS.
May ALLAH bless all of you!
& give shame to ISRAEL!


Edila said...

Have you seen this beautiful song?? pass on please
God Bless the palestinians!

uk said...

You are doing a great job by shoing this ,you are very courageous .Keep the faith.

My name is Abdoul and I am working at Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders in London. I would like to get in touch as we are providing aid to the people of Gaza

I was basically wondering if you would like to cover our involvement in Gaza on your blog.You can get more information at
I apologise for contacting you out of the blue - I found you through various online networks and through your blog itself and I have only contacted you because I thought you might be genuinely interested

Thanks for taking the time to read this far


Anonymous said...

Shlemazl, let's suppose that all territories occupied by Israel were legally occupied. Let's suppose that nobody could even try to justify an aggression against Israel.

Do you think it would be fair to punish the whole Palestinian society in such a brutal way because of the attacks of, let's accept your figures, 20000 people?

Do you think Israel is winning the peace in years to come by showing this terrible lack of compassion and justice? You can't condemn 1.5 million people for what 20000 do.

I'm sure Israel could kill them all. They're killing 700 instead of 1.5million. That makes them good?

What is happening is absolutely unacceptable. The problem is that, for too many people (including most politicians), money is more important than justice.

Let's hope that the situation improves as soon as possible...

Anonymous said...

Shemazl never said that that made them good, only that it meant that what is posted on this blog is a gross exageration. Hamas is a puppet of Iran and Iran wants the destruction of Israel. I agree peace is the road both sides should take but how can the peace process begin if Iran and Hamas are seeking the destruction of Israel. Would you make peace with someone whose main goal was to kill you. If Israel wanted to, it could wipe Gaza off the map, but it doesn't. Don't give them any ideas though.

Anonymous said...







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