Sunday, July 27, 2008

Youth Undrer Occupation


Under attack said...

Nice Video Adham , As Palestinian youth we should inform our feelings and suffering to the rest of the world. Youth live in miserable circumstances and need people to help them.

Anonymous said...

لبسم الله الرحمان الرحم
يقول الله تعالى
ان الله لا يغير ما بقوم حتى يغيروا ما بانفسهم
صدق الله العظيم

اخي ادهم
اعرف جيدا ما يعانيه اخواني و اخوانك في فلسطين عموما و في غزة خصوصا
و جرحهم في اعماقنا يضرب حتى النخاع
و لا اشك في صفاء قلبك حيال هذا الأمر و لا اشك ابدا في حبك و ولاءك لهذا الوطن الأبي
لكن يا اخ العرب
اعلم جدا ان الحق المغتصب لا يؤخذ كما تعتقد
فوالذي نفسي بيده لا اضن انك على الطريق الموصلة الى ما تريد
فانت عندك شئ و تفتقد لأشياء
عندك صفاء النية
و تفتقد للعمل الحق
فلما رايت هذا الفيديو ايقنت انك لن توصل ابدا لما تريد
و لن تغير مثقال ذرة من عقل اي شخص
و هذا لأن الطريقة خاطئة
و تيقن تيقن تيقن
و الله انك لفي ظلال
قللي بربك
هل كانت غزوات الرسول صلى الله عليه و سلم بالموسيقى !!!!
هل كان خالد بن الوليد يفتح الدول و المدن بالطبول و الرقص مع الفتيات
هل أوصى الرسول وصلى الله عليه و سلم بالرقص و التجمعات و الاختلاط
يا أدهم
انت رجل بحق
و انت عاقل بجد
و انت شخص مثير للاهتمام
لكن اعمالك هذه رغم ان نيتها صافية الا انها تشوبك بانقاص حقك وشرفك
دع عنك ما تعمل
و جاهد بالكتابة فقط و ذلك اضعف الايمان و خير من نشر الصور و الفيديوهات الموسيقية و الغناء و الاختلاط
ساعطيك ابسط مثال

هل يعجبك انك وضعت صورة اختيك معك في هذا الفيديو ظ
و كل من يرى هذا الشريط سوف يرى وجوه اخوتك و العياذ بالله
اين النخوة العربية
اين الشهامة
ذاين الرجولة
اين الشرف
هل تعرف ؟
هل تعرف ان العزة ذهبت لذهاب الشرف و الخوف عليه ؟
هل تعرف ان الشرف هو ما ينشده كل عربي ابي ؟
هل تعرف ان اسرائيل تغلبت عليكم لذهاب النخوة ؟
و الله الله و الله لن تستفيد ابدا و لو بمثقال حبة من خردل من اعمالك هذه
لأنه يشوبها الفساد
في الاخير تقبل مني فائق التقدير و الاحترام
و اعلم أني احبك في الله
و لا اجد في نفسي لك الا النصح
رجاءا انزع هذا الفيديو من الموقع

ليث الناصري

Esraa said...

Aslam alikom...

Since I'm Palestinian just like you, Adham, and I live in Gaza, so I don't just hear about Palestine’s case, but I live it, therefore think that there's no need to tell you that it's true you people in Gaza are suffering a lot. Not only me and you know that if this video tells about the tough and dreadful situations people live here in Gaza ,,,then it shows a little, all the world knows that ,,,whether Muslims, Arabs or even the western world.
Sir "Layth alnasery", with all do respect to your thoughts, your comments and your ideas, I do not believe that Islam has spread to the world by the power of sword, and I hope that don't believe in that either, and since the prophet Mohammed used the method of " Wisdom, good advice and argue with them in ways is the best" we have to follow him. Islam has not prohibited mixed groupings of people from the two genders unless for bad purposes, but when these young men and women meet with each other discussing their opinion with respect from each one of them to the other, we should not dispraise them and make them surrender to the reality.
Mr. Alnasery, i have no doubts that you've at least heard about the Israelis trying to impersonate our culture and traditions and pretending for the world that this culture and this folk is originally theirs. In your opinion, what do you think the best way to get back our stolen culture and how do you think we are going to prove for the world that this "Thobe" and this "Hatta" was for my and Adham’s grandparents??
Yasser Arafat said good word in his life, the gun in one hand, and the branch of olive tree in the other, we all know it...if some of us decided to fight, to resist and to sacrifice...the rest of us can't stay and do nothing but waiting for those to get Alqasa back...they have to fight, too.
Yes, we, the rest, fight with our pens, with our thoughts, even with our Dabka. Dabka isn’t just a style of traditional dancing as all of us think. Dabka, with its simple moves and its simple tones symbolizes a lot about Torath and culture...about family and neighborhood...about being happy and innocent.
Another thing I wanted to talk about in your comment...the way you described Adham’s photo with his family. His sister or his mother are normal people, they’re dressed very appropriately in the picture and there's no doubts that this is the way they go out in public. I believe that there is no and not even a little problem with that...his mother and his sister are not angles who aren't supposed to be seen by people. Just remember, Brother Al Nasery, that our prophet’s friends have sat with our prophet's wives and the even have discussed some issues about religion, of course they made sure that they're dressed appropriately and also met with those Sahaba for good purposes. The only thing that Adham wanted to show from picture, as i believe and as it's obvious, is show that his family is proud of him for keeping his heritage, his culture and his traditions. We should not be that complicated and close-minded about things in our life, and i mean here by close-minded being conservative for no good reasons. Islam has taught us to learn from others and from their experiences in life, but to take only the good from it, that is the definition of being open-minded.
Overall, I want to say that I’m very very proud of young men and women like Adham who are investing their lives in good and useful ways not only for their selves but also for their case, for their country and their believes.