Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I participated in this event as i refuse the injust siege which imposed on Gaza strip by Israeli occupation .

Statistics about the impact of Israeli siege on Gaza Strip :

March 2008:Israel kills 140 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, one third of them children
Siege victims in Gaza over 185 in less than a year of blockade,
1562 patients in need of treatment outside Gaza Strip
322 patients are in serious danger and in need of urgent treatment
22 money holistic are suspended from work due to the siege
107 class of basic medicines are depleted from Gaza Strip
97 sorts of medicines on the verge of depletion
136 medical instrument are stopped or our of order
6 months, Gaza with closed crossings and borders
160 thousand workers are out of work
3000 fishermen become out of work due to siege
$370 millions are the costs of stalled construction projects ,
$14 million are the wastage of strawberry and flowers season


Karin said...

Supporting you as always - IN SOLIDARITY!!!

Watch yourself dear friend!!

Bar Kochba said...

If you've thrown your lot in with the terrorists, then that would make you a fair target. Most Gazans don't seem to understand this. If you elect terrorists, you suffer the consequences.

Very soon the illegal ARAB occupation of JEWISH land will end.

Demotix said...

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Anonymous said...
and what about it???

Ali said...

Dear Khalil,
I am Zulfiqar Ali from Pakistan.i am working here with national news paper of Pakistan in Peshawar city.i know we cant do any thing from here but i am trying my best to support through media of Pakistan. i personally love Palestinians. well all Pakistanis are very angry about the Israels Bucharest act.
i want to translate into urdu and will try my best what u wrote in your website about day to day happening.but i would need your permission for that.
Secondly one of my net friend from Palestine is not being trace since that scenario.can u help me if i provide u his contact. i will be great full.
my email is
God give Muslims strength and awake our leaders (as they are drowned).
Looking forward.
GOD be with you all.

laila said...

The zionists have done this for too long it has to end,they cant get away with the massacre of palestinian children, they are going to be accountable for their actions. I have had sleepless nights during the attacks on gaza we are all with you and feel the suffering of everyone of you, we are doing all we can, we will strive for you till our last breath, we are all palestinians....

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