Monday, March 03, 2008

Israeli Holocaust

Two Stories from the Israeli Holocaust to Palestinians

Two weeks ago , Hassan Abu Safi , aged 20 , one of my relatives visited my house to invite us to his wedding party . I asked him to have a drink , he replied :" I am busy , I have to invite other people" . I went with my Family to his party and it was wonderful in which he was so happy , dancing with people . One week later of his Party , Israeli occupation army had invaded the eastern Part of Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip where Hassan lives with his family . His neighbors' house had been bombed earlier that day, and Hassan had been shuttling the neighbors to the nearest medical care. When Hassan returned home, he went to his bedroom and was talking on the mobile phone on the balcony when an Israeli soldier aimed and shot him in the head. The ambulance faced difficulties to take him from the house .
Even the Israeli tanks surrounded the house , Hassan's mother with her sons put themselves in danger and went to the hospital , they found Hassan in Death freezer .
Hassan's family cannot bury him, because they were sequestered in one room in their house. The Israeli army has taken over the rest of the house to use as a sniper base.
Finally Hassan's father called his wife and sons : " wait until tomorrow afternoon , If I cannot come , go and burry him " . What a pity , the Israeli still took over the house and they couldn't participate in his funeral . Hassan was buried and his wife , Father were still sequestered in one room .

Mohammed Al Borie , 5 months , he was born after 5 years of his parents got married . He was killed when Israeli aircraft shelled the area where he was with his parents , their house is a simple one that cannot carry out the fragments of Israeli rockets . Mohammed , the alone son was killed in Israeli Holocaust .
Hassan and Mohammed are two of 118 were killed , One third of the victims were children , 320 were injured in this militant operation .