Thursday, June 28, 2007

Gilad Shalit is not better than Palestinian prisoners

Since one year , Gilad Shalit has been kidnapped by Palestinian strugglers in military operation from his military camp which settled on Palestinian land .
Gilad Shalit says On broadcast audiotape : I am sick, I miss my family and my friends; respond to the demands of the mujahideen; don’t leave me in captivity!" With these words, Shalit opened the first recording of him since his capture in Gaza a year ago.
All the world stands especially Israeli community interested to listen to this
audio type making solidarity with him asking the Palestinian strugglers to release him , otherwise all the world still keep silent about more than 10000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli Jails , everyday , Israeli army occupation kidnap Palestinian political leaders , civilians without any accuse and put them in jails .
On the other hand ,the Palestinian strugglers who have kidnapped the Israeli soldier want to release him because they kidnapped him to exchange him with Palestinian prisoners whose number more than 10
000 prisoners . The kidnappers requested the release of 1,000 Palestinian prisoners to be released for Shalit, including children, women, the elderly and the unwell.
Israeli Prime Minister Olmert said during the Sharm Al Sheikh summit that he would suggest to his government to release 250 prisoners from the Fatah movement who do not have blood on their hands .
Israeli policy try to divide Palestinian by releasing Fateh prisoners , so what about others M. Olmert aren't they Palestinian ? Besides, He said
that he will not release prisoners who do not have blood on their hands , M. Olmert and Israeli forgetten that those prisoners love life and also their families but they sacrifice themselves towards Palestine , they choose to be strugglers against Israeli racist occupation . I think who must be in jails are the Israeli leaders and soldiers who have Palestinian blood on their hands as Gilad Shalit who was captured in a tank that was used to killed Palestinians ,destroyed many of agricultural land and houses , Isn't he one of killers who deserve to be in Jail .
Noam Shalit, the father of kidnapped Israel occupation Forces soldier Gilad Shalit said in the open letter to his son that he published in the Palestinian da
ily Al Quds is " We in the family, your mother, your father, Hadas and Yoel, hope you feel well and are managing despite the tough conditions, the winter and the difficult situation you have been in for over six months. My Gilad, we miss you very, very much and want to see you with us and hug you tight, and so does the whole family and all your friends from school. We hope it will be very soon."
Palestinian child asking to release her father from Israeli jails :

Oh my father! Why they deprive me from you.
They had arrested you
before I kiss you, only one kiss.
Even before to wipe my mother’s tears.
Oh, my occupied childhood!!
I am a flower of Palestine.
Number of my identity is seventy thousand.
I have not seen you since rising the sun.
Feast follows other feast.

And you still standing behind iron bars .
Oh,Hey. kissing your sons every morning.
I want my father back, I want my father back.
The question is how can Gilad be released while more than 10000 Palestinians still in Israeli jails ? I think the Israeli government must think about others , Gilad is a human and Palestinian prisoners are also humans , so Israeli u h
ave to understand this method that Gilad Shalit is not better than Palestinian prisoners .