Sunday, April 15, 2007

Palestine and Italy ,Sport Under The Siege

Always travelling means that visiting safe and beautiful places to interest the beauty of nature spending fantastic time, palying , swimming , drinking and dancing .
44 Italian youth left their country to visit Occupied Palestine , they visited Jerausalem , Jericho and Gaza Strip which Potentially will be identified as the Fifth dangerous place in the world through the project " Sport Under The Siege " to
share Palestinian their suffering simply trying to broken the siege which has been imposed on Palestine Yelling " Palestina Libera " .
In fact , i was with them all days they were in Gaza , we organized for them a schedule in which they visited many of cultural centers , played with Palestinian football te
ams , interesting places . i like thier faces which is full of hope and solidarity with Palestinian . I talked with all of them trying to know every things make them Palestinian's supporters , i hold interview with three Of them Sarah and Corrien asking them a few questions :

Why do you support Palestinians?
Sarah : Because they have been oppressed since 1948. I am against every kind of restriction to human freedom, that’s why I support Palestinian people. And more, in recent years, since the beginning of the second Intifada, the restriction to freedom has become more and more strong, with the construction of the wall.
Corrine : The Palestinian issue has always been something carried out in the structure I come from which is a social center called Corto Circuito. We always felt the injustice that you had to face since 1948. We always talked about the political situation both by demonstrating in support of you and against the Israelis government. When I read about Palestine I think about your sufferings, the lack of freedom and also about the miss treatments, the unjust killings, the unharmed civil society..the poverty you were pushed to, the unemployment
Why do you participate in “sport under the siege”?
Sarah : For the same reasons, more or less. I think the “sport under the siege” project is a good way to keep in touch with palestinian people, as a demostration of our soliarity towards them.We know how difficult it is for you to travel out of Palestine, so meeting foreign people, especially in Gaza, it is important for you.
Corrine : Sport Under the Siege was an idea that brought together two of the things we carry out in our social center, the need to yell out the truth of what is happening in palestine and our love for sports, football in particular. In the social center we have a gym and a football field. The gym's activities started almost 10 years ago when we tried to give an alternative to the kids and teenagers who lived in the streets most of their times in a borough, in the periphery of Rome, lacking of infrastructures and places where to hangout. It was a high bet, but we succeeded in giving them this alternative, adding to the simple practice of sports the instruments to become critical towards a society that wants us without ideas and things to fight for...against who wants us to be numb. After several years we understood the potentials that the practice of sport has. So we thought, why don't we try to use it also as a means for cooperating with someone who we already support politically? The practice of sport means living, living means resisting. We thought that sport could have given you a little bit more freedom, the possibility to move, to share some time with someone you could not see otherwise, to meet different cultures and spend some time together sharing ideas and views. I play football but not at a professional level, it is most of the time an excuse for me to meet with my friends and spend some time together .
What did you feel when you played football with Palestinians feminine ?
Sarah : It was great.For me, as a woman, it was really good to see that young girls keep on living also thanks to the fact they play football. I’m not a real football player but I had fun. More than this, the feminine teams we played against, in Gaza and in Jericho, were really good.
Corrine : This time playing football was an excuse to meet Palestinian people and see with my eyes what is happening in all the territories. It was a great experience, no matter who won or who lost. The girls we played against with had never met another girls team, or if they did it was not an easy issue. There is no other team in the GAza strip which plays football; we gave them the chance to confront themselves with someone else, and this is really important when you practice sports. The day ended with the promise that we will meet is important to have something to look towards to.
What are you going to tell your people about Palestine?
Sarah : I’m going to tell simply what I’ve seen. Tell Italian people that the things Europeans journalists write about Palesatine are not completely the truth. I’m going to tell te good times we spent with you, triyng to forget that you are still living under occupation. The time we spent in the Erez checkpoint, while plaestinians were left waiting for hours and hours.
I’ll try to describe the city of Jerusalem, were Palestinians have a Jordan passport.
I’ll try to explain the faults that Europe and the International Community have in your story.
Corrine : I'll tell my friend no more than what I have seen, a friendly nation. People that have the will and the strength to go on. No matter what, you keep on going on. You are strong, and your identity makes you stronger. I will talk about your suffering and also about the nice way you have treated me.
What is your mission after visiting Palestine?
Sarah : I think our “mission” is to talk about Palestine in our country, so that your story could not be forgotten.
Corrine: I am attending a master course in "human development and food security". I would love to come back and help also through my experience and studies, although the situation is not the safest. As you know we were looked after 24 hours a day by the police. But this would not prevent people from coming and helping you. Now that I know the way you behave I am sure that if any one would like to come and visit you he/she will face no problem if she or he is looked after as I was .
Did you feel safe in Palestine?
Sarah :I felt safe, but in our case we were always sourrounded by police. I can say that the situation in Gaza was much more less dangerous than what I expected. When in Europe you hear news about Gaza, it is always bad news.
Corrine : We were looked after 24 hours a day by the police,
so yes I did feel safe. Plus I had many friends (who I met in the previous editions of Sport Under the Siege) who stayed with me making me feel protected. The situation is different when you move in the West Bank.

Finally , I hope that all the people in the whole world make like those Italian youth who believe in humanity and human rights . No one force them to support Palestinian , they are convinced in our justice lasting peace and our rights to establish our country Palestine and Jerusalem as a capital . we need your support to broke this injustice siege which has been imposed by Israel and United States Of America , we need u voice to tell people the truth . I promise you
, I will not forget u vioces while yelling Palestina Libera , Palestina russa , Free Free Palestine .