Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Who is the terrorist ?

I was checking Internet website in which I found a funny video clip about Osama Ben Laden who is considered a terrorist .

I think it is not important to discuss this issue by laughing or by saying bad things about Ben Laden ....every body should know that many of people follow Ben Laden and get convinced of his ideas ... West says that Bin Laden is a terrorist and East say that Bush is the terrorist ...i think it is complicated problem .... the problem that is defining the terrorism and who is the terrorist ? what is the difference between military resistance and terrorism ? and also we have to ask ourselves especially governmental and politics why they become terrorist s ?I think we have to say it frankly that they become like this because there are injustice in this world , there is a country who controls world ? there is no real democracy and equally in this world ?
I will give u an example of Palestinian case , all militants wings of Palestinian parties are considered terrorist wings ? simply because they fight Israel who has occupied their land , on the other hand Israeli who commits massacres in Palestine and Lebanon is considered as a peaceful state because America wants that ...........This is not justice world who keeps silent on American massacres in Iraq ,Afghanistan , Vietnam , ........So it is simple to finish terrorism from this world and make it safe if we give people their rights ....
Besides , i think West and USA must change their policy because in this time Extremist people will win finally and control every thing in Arab and Islamic world because they have strong ways to convince others , simply they will say to us ,look to American Army who has killed l people in Iraq and USA allows for Israeli to kill Palestinian and Lebanese , we must fight them ..... what u want us to say for them ...........
So Who is the terrorist ?????????