Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Every day as yesterday in Palestine

Every day as yesterday , there is no change , Israeli occupation is still imposing a complete siege on Palestine . yesterday Israeli occupying army has invaded Khuzaa in southern Gaza strip , killed three Palestinian , injured many of people and bulldoze agricultural and Palestinian houses ….Today they do the usual things , but they change the place , it is in Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza strip .
Gaza - Ma'an - At least seven Palestinians were killed and approximately 50 injured during a major Israeli offensive on the northern Gaza Strip on Wednesday morning. Israeli military sources have admitted that one Israeli soldier was killed during the incursion into Beit Hanoun .
Israeli forces and tanks also invaded the area of Beit Hanoun on Wednesday morning amidst heavy and intense gunfire. The Israeli Special Forces also took part in the incursion. The Israeli forces attempted to occupy many houses in the town, including the house of the minister of refugees' affairs, Atif Adwan. Several houses were occupied by the Israeli forces and converted into Israeli military lookouts. Five Palestinian houses were demolished.
During the incursion, Israeli war planes flew overhead and launched a number of rockets at Palestinian targets.
Residents of the area of Beit Hanoun called on the humanitarian agencies to intervene and stop the Israeli attack. They also appealed for help in allowing the medical crews to reach the injured people so that they could be transferred to hospital .
Recently, the Israeli government submitted scenarios and plans to expand the incursion and the military operations against the Gaza Strip. Peretz has declared that the Israeli army will not occupy the Strip, but will carry out specific operations in the area.


Anonymous said...

As bad as things are now my brother, Israel pledges to make the situation even worse. With the acceptance of an open racist and fascist into the government we can expect the worst.
Where is the outrage of the UN... the EU... the USA???
Doesn't anybody care?

Living Away said...

It’s unbelievable!!
Well, it seems that they, UN, EU and the USA, care a lot! They care a lot about themselves, just about themselves!
UN became a marionette at few powerful hands and each day its reputation is getting questionable.
Take care, dear Adham!

Anonymous said...

ISRAELI OCCUPATION??? What planet are you people living on? Our Almighty God, Who Created the World I live on, GAVE ALL OF ISRAEL TO THE JEWS!!! They are the apple of His eye. This hatred of the Jews has been going on for millenia, and all of you so-called palestinians (who were gathered together by arafat from all over the Middle East looking for land or a country to OCCUPY) are the OCCUPIERS!!!! All of you are just another group of anti-Israel Jew haters that are doing the same thing that has been going on for far too long, you too are a part of History of Jew haters. You are a people that evolved from Abraham's first son, who ended up hating Abraham's second son, Isaac!! Get it? If its in the Word of God, its gonna happen. Stop posting all the phony pictures and lies regarding how many people the Israelis have killed or injured. (By the way it has been proven over and over again how phony all the pictures are!!) You know and a lot of people know its nothing but low life lies to discredit God's chosen ones! Give peace a chance perhaps???

Daniel said...

I still don't see what Israel isa doing wrong. Can someone explain this to me?

arara said...

For the international rigth,"israel
don't exist, 'cause break all instances of international laws
and onu resolutions. israel is an invasor , and never must be recognised like one between all the nations of world. Never, never at the death we gonna recognized israel like a state.
Palestine forever
israel go to hell (their own place)
I'm with you all. Paulo - Brasil

arara said...

Answer for anonymus retarded:

Your god of the old testament is the DEVIL itself. You read the "bible" sometime ? Yahu was a "god" of ignorant people lost in that places. A palestine man called Emmanuel (Our Jesus Christ)
show to the jews that your god was the father of all lies, and was crucified for it. Your people are cursed at the final of times.
Your other falses arguments:So give back all lands of the world for the native ancient people that lived there before. Sorry, but stupid arguments don't have value.

for it.

Anonymous said...

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