Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Thank you Skip

We have a digital camera in our center which used mostly for documentation our work . Frankly , I was photographing without using the right technical way , I was using flash all
the time .But all that have been changed when I received an invitation by Quaker Palestine youth program to
participate in a workshop in basic photography On 18 of May .

I took my camera and went to the workshop in which I met Skip Schiel _ An American photographer who taught us about camera principles . I have still remembered his words about steps to making a photo—notice, think, try, and try again .. He wrote on the board three main principles that we have to follow while taking a photo —follow the light, choose the position and time, design the photo … After that all of we moved to take photos and I took many photos and also he shown us photos taking by him in several positions ……. After this workshop I can call myself as I have an experience in photography, but not a photographer yet . Now when there is any activity in our center , they prefer me to take photos .
SkipI have to thank u about that and also to certificate that u are one of people who supports Palestinians in their struggle ,because Palestinians not only have to fight Israeli occupation
, they also have to take good photos to show the world our suffering and also our skills and abilities …

Skip …. You don't give us camera's , you do better than that as this proverb " you can serve the people by giving them fish, but we perform a greater service when we teach them how to fish .
Skip …. We are very pride of American like you and please tell u people that we love American like you who believes in justice , human rights, dignity and equally between all kinds of people .

** You can see more about him on his homepage


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing some great photos by you soon. All the best!

I love Munich said...

That was VERY NICE of you - a fantastic "laudatio"!
It shows there are GOOD people out there ... people who really care!
I second "desertpeace" ... I'm looking forward to see the pictures!! :)


Chet said...

I am very happy to see an American doing some good for you. Sorry I haven't commented earlier, been having troubles with blogger.

Living Away said...

Ramadan Mubarak Adham!!!

Anonymous said...

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