Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I can travel to British , but I cannot travel to West Bank

Last year , a friend works with faculty for Israeli _ Palestinian peace called me asking me to participate in a forum with academic people
inside Palestine occupied land 1948 . .
I rapidly agreed because It was important to participate in a forum discussed the Palestinian issue to tell them about our suffering under an illegal Israeli occupation and through that I can see my occupied land 1948 and also the WestBank .

Unfortunately , she called after a week told me that Israeli occupation army didn't give me a permission to pass Beit_Hanoon border . On the other hand , I was lucky to pass Rafah border for traveling to British … I think it is less difficult to travel out of Palestine more than traveling from Gaza Strip to West Bank .
In fact , I have seen West Bank and Palestinian occupied Land while watching T.V or photos , but
I haven't traveled there yet .
I wish one day to travel there to breathe our nation fresh air . I would like to visit our cities in West Bank , to visit Jerusalem for praying in Al_ Aqsa mosque , Nablus to eat delicious sweet " Nabulsiya " , Hebron to pray in Al_Ibrahimi mosque , Jericho to drink fresh water , Jennin to see the hero's of Jennin battle ,
Rammallah to watch films in Al_Qasaba famous cinema , Tulkarm ,Bayt Jala , Bayt Sahor , , Salfit , Tobas , Qalkilya ……
Besides , I want to visit Haifa to see it's port , Acre to see the castle and the wall , Tiberias to swim in the lake , Baysan , Beersheba , Jaffa ,Nazareth , al-Ramla , Safad , Askalan , Al _Led , Am_ Alfahim , Isdud ..

Really , I cannot understand this Issue in which
I can travel to British and move from Shefield to
Liverbool to London , but I cannot move from Gaza to Jerusalem even I am in my nation ….. OOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhh , I forget that
I live under the racist and illegal Israeli occupation

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Thank you Skip

We have a digital camera in our center which used mostly for documentation our work . Frankly , I was photographing without using the right technical way , I was using flash all
the time .But all that have been changed when I received an invitation by Quaker Palestine youth program to
participate in a workshop in basic photography On 18 of May .

I took my camera and went to the workshop in which I met Skip Schiel _ An American photographer who taught us about camera principles . I have still remembered his words about steps to making a photo—notice, think, try, and try again .. He wrote on the board three main principles that we have to follow while taking a photo —follow the light, choose the position and time, design the photo … After that all of we moved to take photos and I took many photos and also he shown us photos taking by him in several positions ……. After this workshop I can call myself as I have an experience in photography, but not a photographer yet . Now when there is any activity in our center , they prefer me to take photos .
SkipI have to thank u about that and also to certificate that u are one of people who supports Palestinians in their struggle ,because Palestinians not only have to fight Israeli occupation
, they also have to take good photos to show the world our suffering and also our skills and abilities …

Skip …. You don't give us camera's , you do better than that as this proverb " you can serve the people by giving them fish, but we perform a greater service when we teach them how to fish .
Skip …. We are very pride of American like you and please tell u people that we love American like you who believes in justice , human rights, dignity and equally between all kinds of people .

** You can see more about him on his homepage

Sunday, September 17, 2006


I live in Jabalia refugee camp which is not my original place of my family … my original village is Hulayqat which has occupied by Israeli occupation in 18th of October 1948 . It is 20.5 (km) North East of Gaza and it 's Elevation from the sea is 100 (meters) ..
Land ownership before occupation :7,063 Dunums which belongs to Arab 6,902 and for Public 161 Dunums , 6,751 Dunums are cultivable .
Number of houses : In (1931) was 61 .
Archeological site : Hulayqat had many khirbats which contained cisterns, a pool, and fragments of marble and pottery .
Town Today :
According to the Palestinian historian Walid Khalidi, the village remaining structures on the village land are:
"The site is partially forested. There are sycalllore and Christ's-thorn trees and cactuses growing on the site. One of the old roads has been covered by a modern street.
http://www.palestineremembered.com/Gaza/Hulayqat/index.htmlat/index.html .
Everyone in this world have to know that Palestinians have the right of return which based on United Nations adopted Resolution 194 on December 11, 1948. I am sure that I will go to Hulayqat to run up our Palestinian flag , re_ built the destryed houses , plant the farm and build schools and foundations to educate our people . I will teach generations Dabka to reserve our Palestinian heritage .

Monday, September 04, 2006

my friend