Thursday, August 31, 2006

Who can release Palestinian prisoners ?

Have you ever been stayed in a small room for long time ?!
Have u ever heard that there are people kidnapped from their nation and have been put in very dark and small places in illegal prisons , they are Palestinians who imprisonment in accuse of any thing that Israeli occupation want to accuse them ….. Palestinian prisoners in illegal Israeli prisons have became more than 10100 prisoners including 104 females and also 335 children and there are prisoners are sentenced more than 25 years …..

I think that how much I talk , it will not be sufficient as the prisoner's child words in which she says :
Oh my father! Why they deprive me from you.
They had arrested you
before I kiss you, only one kiss.

Even before to wipe my mother’s tears.
Oh, my occupied childhood!!
I am a flower of Palestine.
Number of my identity is seventy thousand.
I have not seen you since rising the sun.
Feast follows other feast.
And you still standing behind iron bars .
Oh,Hey. kissing your sons every morning.
I want my father back, I want my father back.

The question we must answer that who can release them ?
I think that there are only two ways : Inernational Community asks Israeli occupation to release them by peacefull way or Palestinians have to imitate Hizbollah in it's way of releasing their prisoners by kidnapping Israeli soldiers !!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally , I would like to say prisons for criminals not for people who are defending thier natioins ...

If u wnat to download video the palestinian child go here


I love Munich said...

Adham - now I understad correctly - NOT YOUR father (thank GOD) was arrested but this is what a girl said ... it is AS HORRIBLE!!

I am well aware of the situation with the prisoners, how many - and even women and children(!) But let me tell you something very seriously - and take as granted, I know and DO understand you very well:
This horrid situation can NOT be solved with even MORE violence, there is NO CHANCE!! On top, look what weapons Hizbullah has ... and which ones the Palestinian people have - there are lightyears inbetween!!
BASELINE is though ... there MUST be found a diplomatic solution without violence ... look in what terrible situation your great people are already! I do absolutely understand the despair, the pain, humiliation ... but a violent reaction would only make it EVEN worse!!
With all the anger and even aggression you carry hidden inside you - you do the right thing by NOT resorting to violence which would only resort in a desaster!! Your people, we ALL need you ALIVE .. and not dead.
You are absolutely right - prisons are for criminals who did not obey by the law - and NOT for people who defend what is rightfully theirs!! There is no question whatsoever!

DesertPeace said...

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