Thursday, August 31, 2006

Who can release Palestinian prisoners ?

Have you ever been stayed in a small room for long time ?!
Have u ever heard that there are people kidnapped from their nation and have been put in very dark and small places in illegal prisons , they are Palestinians who imprisonment in accuse of any thing that Israeli occupation want to accuse them ….. Palestinian prisoners in illegal Israeli prisons have became more than 10100 prisoners including 104 females and also 335 children and there are prisoners are sentenced more than 25 years …..

I think that how much I talk , it will not be sufficient as the prisoner's child words in which she says :
Oh my father! Why they deprive me from you.
They had arrested you
before I kiss you, only one kiss.

Even before to wipe my mother’s tears.
Oh, my occupied childhood!!
I am a flower of Palestine.
Number of my identity is seventy thousand.
I have not seen you since rising the sun.
Feast follows other feast.
And you still standing behind iron bars .
Oh,Hey. kissing your sons every morning.
I want my father back, I want my father back.

The question we must answer that who can release them ?
I think that there are only two ways : Inernational Community asks Israeli occupation to release them by peacefull way or Palestinians have to imitate Hizbollah in it's way of releasing their prisoners by kidnapping Israeli soldiers !!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally , I would like to say prisons for criminals not for people who are defending thier natioins ...

If u wnat to download video the palestinian child go here

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pride for Palestinians who die to liberate their nation

"The Martyr Adham Khalil"

Your sky is full of birds, but ours is full of army planes and rockets…
Your sea is full of ships and fish, but ours is full of warships…
Your land is full of trees and rivers,but ours is full of tanks, checkpoints,
separation walls, and the rubble of destroyed
houses and agricultural land…
You breathe fresh air, but we breathe air mixed with rocket smoke…
You travel everywhere free, but we cannot travel from villageto village...
You and you and you and you and you,
but we not and not and not…

What I and my people have faced forces me to imagine that I will be killed by Israeli army occupation, but I don't know where and when it will happen. After this picture formed in my mind, I started imagining myself as a Palestinian martyr in which I see my family and my friends carrying my corpse in my funeral shouting “God is great, God is the greatest,” mixed with Palestinian national songs and also carrying my photos written on them:
the Martyr Adham Khalil.

I have told my family that if I am killed by the Israeli army of occupation to not put my corpse in a death freezer and to make only one day for consolation.

This is not only my feeling; this is the feeling of everyone who lives under
the illegal Israeli occupation.

I'm very proud that I'm Palestinian and I thank God every moment. This struggle and potential martyrdom is simply our destiny. We do not love death but in fact we are often killed when defending our nation and resisting the Israeli occupation.

Go on Palestinians—as you fight to liberate Palestine from Israeli occupation you might be killed. Hell and shame for the Israeli soldiers and officers as they kill civilians and occupy the lands of others.