Friday, July 14, 2006

We should talk about these moments ..

While walking to the mosque , admiring the sky with all its mixed colors and counting my steps , I arrived and stood out the mosque as it was full of prayers . I looked around ,I found some listening deeply to the Friday sermon and others were absent minded and closing eye , opening the second .
Suddenly , I heard a child calling " Yasean's photo for a shekel " . How contracting was the phrase. The first view is that it shows the Palestinian economic suffering,

children have to work, to sell photo and other things
to earn their living and to help their families. It's the reality.
The other harmful view is that our situation to which we end, in which all members of the Palestinian society in general, and our leaders in particular merely numbers and photos to be sold and fixed here or there cheaply to help the families.
Oh God, when will such age of villains end and a time in which our living is earned by selling our leaders photos.

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