Saturday, July 29, 2006

we must give Israeli thank certificate

Hello , Israeli occupation army talking . You have only thirty minutes to move out your home because we will shell it .This is the new policy which Israeli occupation has followed against Palestinian civilians in which they call house holder asking them to move out claming that it is used to store weapons . Before a few days , they had shelled a house belongs to Hesham Alkahloot in Tal Alzaatar in north Gaza by F 16 in which the house was destroyed completely and also the around houses partially ..
Really , Palestinian ,the united nations and the International Community must give Israel thank certificate about the politeness way that they have used to destroy Palestinian civilians houses .
Palestinian spent all his life working in order to build his house in this bad economic situation through preventing his family from buying high prices
things and reducing in eating fruits , meat
and clothes …. Unfortunately , his house is destroyed in a moment by Israeli occupier soldier in cold blood without any kind of humanity .
How much it is difficult when you see the house you live in become a rubble …

Please , do not forget the people who have been
killed every moment in Lebanon and Palestine ..


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I love Munich said...

No Afdham, I do not forget the people who are killed every day - in Palestine ... thanks GOD the Lebanon-war is (hopefully) over!!
NO question whatsoever - what the army does to your people is inhuman and utterly cruel and will MOST CERTAINLY NEVER achieve peoce .. not even quietness! It is beyond me why these people - till today - don't understand that violence begets only more violence! Peace can be achieved ONLY at the roundtable - and NEVER by daily killings and humiliations!
I am by your side Adhan and do support your people wholeheartedly!

A word to askinstoo ... I don't know what planet you live on ... didn't you understand what this blog is all about?? A wee-bit more sensitivity would be appropriate!!!

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