Friday, July 14, 2006

Palestinian's suffering

S .u .f .f .e .r .i .n .g are letters which produce a word caries all kinds of sadness and distress , its suffering .
Palestinians know and practice it very well . Palestinians suffer in traveling , interesting and living . first, they face a big suffering when they travel from place to place , they have to wait for long time on checkpoints such as , Bait Hanon , Rafah border , Qalandia , Ein Ereek … etc .
Second , there aren’t places for interesting except two places which are the sea and Gaza park and they become boring from visiting it , They often don’t interest watching TV because of the effect of the discovery plane on TV channels signal . Third , they also face killing every time , destruction of houses and agricultural lands . On the other hand , the economical situation is so bad and there are high increasing in unemployment . Finally , how much I talk , you cannot know the feeling of who suffers until you live the same situation .


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