Friday, July 14, 2006

Aren't they human as the Israeli kidnapped soldier ?!!!!

a few weeks ,all of u have watched and heard the Palestinian child Huda Ghalia crying asking u what are u going to do against Israeli occupying army who killed her family and leave her alone?!!!! There were a few shy answers from the international community except the great answers from the Israeli occupation through committing additional massacres killing more Palestinian children , invaded the south of Gaza strip and kidnapped two Palestinian in that military operation with supporting of the U.S.A without caring of the international community …but the Palestinian legal resistance answers Huda's crying attacking Israeli occupying army camp which establish on Palestinian land kidnapping Israeli soldier …..After that all the world stand asking Palestinian to release him ; besides, Israeli occupation has imposed completely siege on Palestine shelling every where because of the Palestinian reacting of Huda's family assassination ….. unfortunately the world pretend to have forgotten more 10000 ten thousands of Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli prisons including women and children …. Aren't they human as the Israeli kidnapped soldier …. Is this the justice and the human rights that world believe …..finally I would like to say free free Palestine

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