Saturday, July 29, 2006

we must give Israeli thank certificate

Hello , Israeli occupation army talking . You have only thirty minutes to move out your home because we will shell it .This is the new policy which Israeli occupation has followed against Palestinian civilians in which they call house holder asking them to move out claming that it is used to store weapons . Before a few days , they had shelled a house belongs to Hesham Alkahloot in Tal Alzaatar in north Gaza by F 16 in which the house was destroyed completely and also the around houses partially ..
Really , Palestinian ,the united nations and the International Community must give Israel thank certificate about the politeness way that they have used to destroy Palestinian civilians houses .
Palestinian spent all his life working in order to build his house in this bad economic situation through preventing his family from buying high prices
things and reducing in eating fruits , meat
and clothes …. Unfortunately , his house is destroyed in a moment by Israeli occupier soldier in cold blood without any kind of humanity .
How much it is difficult when you see the house you live in become a rubble …

Please , do not forget the people who have been
killed every moment in Lebanon and Palestine ..

Sunday, July 23, 2006

look ! what do they teach their children ?

I know that i can send
a massage as a letter , mobile massage or email but I have'nt seen such this
Israeli way in sending
massage by missiles ...






Friday, July 21, 2006


If I ask anyone about this photo, he or she will answer by saying “Um, it’s a photo of a youth, male, wearing a blouse.” But if you ask me, it's different because he is my brother with whom
I lived for a long time. I remember him when I was young, when he, my older brother, gave me sweets, asked me to wash my hands before eating, played with me, and helped me in my lessons. Unfortunately I lost him on December 15, 1993. On that day, I was with my family listening to the news in which the reporter said that a Palestinian youth had been killed by the Israeli occupation army. The youth’s name was Asharaf Khalil, my brother.
We didn't believe the news. We looked everywhere for him, asking people if they had seen Asharaf?
The Israeli occupation army had told my family that they killed my brother and had his corpse with them. They killed him with thirty bullets in cold blood, stealing parts of his body. The Israeli occupation army prevented me from a last viewing seeing of him because they allowed only a few of my family to retrieve his corpse, late at night and only with coordination of the United Nations. Adding to the horror of the story, my family told me that the army fired at them when they arrived at the tomb to bury my brother.

I 'm very surprised about the number of bullets. Since one bullet can kill a person, why did the soldier kill my brother Asharaf with thirty bullets?

I want all of you, especially Israelis, to remember that Palestinians have tried to forget that Israel has committed massacres against us when we call for peace. Israel replies with more killing of our people, destroying our homes, and imposing a siege through closures. And saying always that we Palestinians are the terrorists and they are the victims. They forget that they are occupiers of our land.

Finally, I am very sad because I lost my brother but at the same time I am very proud because my brother is a martyr, one of thousands of Palestinians who die regularly. Their blood will bring justice and the liberation of Palestine.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Palestinian myrter Naji Al Ali

Naji Salim al-Ali (c. 1937 - 29 August 1987) was a Palestinian cartoonist, noted for the sharp political criticism in his work. He drew over 40,000 cartoons, often expressing opposition to Palestinian and Arab leaders, and is perhaps best known as creator of the character Handala who has since become an icon of Palestinian defiance. He was assassinated by unk
nown persons in 1987.
Early life :
Naji al-Ali was born in 1938 or thereabouts in the northern Palestinian village of Shajra, located between Tiberias and Nazareth. He went into exile in the south of Lebanon with his family in 1948 during the Nakba and lived in Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp near Sidon, where he attended the Union of Christian Churches school. After gaining his Certificat he worked in the orchards of Sidon, then moved to Tripoli where he attended the White Friars' vocational school for two years.
Naji al-Ali then moved to Beirut, where he lived in a tent in Chatila camp and worked in various industrial jobs. In 1957, after qualifying as a car mechanic, he travelled to Saudi Arabia, where he worked for two years.
Career as a cartoonist and journalist :
In 1959 Naji al-Ali returned to Lebanon, and that year he joined the Arab Nationalist Movement (ANM), but was expelled four times in the space of a year for lack of party discipline. Between 1960 and 1961, along with comrades from the ANM, he published a handwritten political journal entitled Al-Sarkha ('the cry').
In 1960, he entered the Art Academy of Lebanon, but was unable to continue his studies there as he was imprisoned for political reasons soon afterwards. After his release he moved to Tyre, where he worked as a drawing instructor in the Ja'fariya College.
The writer and political activist Ghassan Kanafani saw some of Naji al-Ali's cartoons on a visit to Ain al-Hilweh and printed the artist's first published drawings along with an accompanying article in Al-Hurriya no. 88 on 25 September 1961.
In 1963 Naji al-Ali moved to Kuwait, hoping to save money so as to be able to study art in Cairo or Rome. There he worked as an editor, cartoonist, designer and newspaper producer on the Arab nationalist Al-Tali'a newspaper. From 1968 on he worked for Al-Siyasa. In the course of these years he returned to Lebanon several times. In 1974 he started working for the Lebanese newspaper Al-Safir, which permitted him to return to Lebanon for a longer period. During the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982, he was briefly detained by the occupying forces
along with other residents of Ain al-Hilweh. In 1983 he once more moved to Kuwait to work for Al-Qabas and in 1985 moved to London where he worked for its international edition until his death.
Handala :
Handala is the most famous of Naji al-Ali's characters. He is depicted as a ten-year old boy, and appeared for the first time in Al-Siyasa in Kuwait in 1969. The figure turned his back to the viewer from the year 1973, and clasped his hands behind his back. The artist explained that the ten-year old represented his age when forced to leave Palestine and would not grow up until he could return to his homeland; his turned back and clasped hands symbolised the character's rejection of "outside solutions". Handala wears ragged clothes and is barefoot, symbolising his allegiance to the poor. In later cartoons, he sometimes appears throwing stones or writing graffiti.
Handala became the signature of Naji al-Ali's cartoons and remains an iconic symbol of Palestinian identity and defiance; the artist remarked that "this being that I have invented will certainly not cease to exist after me, and perhaps it is no exaggeration to say that I will live on with him after my death".

Friday, July 14, 2006

Aren't they human as the Israeli kidnapped soldier ?!!!!

a few weeks ,all of u have watched and heard the Palestinian child Huda Ghalia crying asking u what are u going to do against Israeli occupying army who killed her family and leave her alone?!!!! There were a few shy answers from the international community except the great answers from the Israeli occupation through committing additional massacres killing more Palestinian children , invaded the south of Gaza strip and kidnapped two Palestinian in that military operation with supporting of the U.S.A without caring of the international community …but the Palestinian legal resistance answers Huda's crying attacking Israeli occupying army camp which establish on Palestinian land kidnapping Israeli soldier …..After that all the world stand asking Palestinian to release him ; besides, Israeli occupation has imposed completely siege on Palestine shelling every where because of the Palestinian reacting of Huda's family assassination ….. unfortunately the world pretend to have forgotten more 10000 ten thousands of Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli prisons including women and children …. Aren't they human as the Israeli kidnapped soldier …. Is this the justice and the human rights that world believe …..finally I would like to say free free Palestine

what are u going to do against israeli ocupation who killed Huda's family and leave her alone ?

hiiiiiiiiiii , i hope u will not live under israeli occupation oneday ... In this massage i will write by red colour which runs every day from palestinian by Israeli occupation .Besides all kinds of suffering ,Palestinians in gaza strip have only two places for interesting , the beach and the big park .....when palestinians go to the beach , they dont feel safety because as all of u have seen the masacres which committ by israeli army and the last one when they shelled Huda's family on gaza beach in which she lost her family .... i want from all of u to imagine that Huda is israeli , and palestinian killed her family .... please ask yourself every moment about what have u done to those who killed in cold blood in all the places in the world , what are u going to do against israeli ocupation who killed Huda's family and leave her alone ?!!!!!!!!!!... finally i hope that god bless Huda's family ...

A story written about me By Skip Schiel

Two stories from Gaza
By Skip Schiel
At the urging of Amal Sabawi, director of the American Friends Service Committee's youth program in Gaza, I interviewed two coaches with the Popular Achievement program. After as much consultation as was feasible, I'm posting their stories.
How can I best use my skills to work with youth? asked Adham Khalil, a young man now serving as a coordinator for Popular Achievement in Al-Assria Cultural Center for Children and Youth organized by the Union of Health Work Committees.....

We should talk about these moments ..

While walking to the mosque , admiring the sky with all its mixed colors and counting my steps , I arrived and stood out the mosque as it was full of prayers . I looked around ,I found some listening deeply to the Friday sermon and others were absent minded and closing eye , opening the second .
Suddenly , I heard a child calling " Yasean's photo for a shekel " . How contracting was the phrase. The first view is that it shows the Palestinian economic suffering,

children have to work, to sell photo and other things
to earn their living and to help their families. It's the reality.
The other harmful view is that our situation to which we end, in which all members of the Palestinian society in general, and our leaders in particular merely numbers and photos to be sold and fixed here or there cheaply to help the families.
Oh God, when will such age of villains end and a time in which our living is earned by selling our leaders photos.

Palestinian's suffering

S .u .f .f .e .r .i .n .g are letters which produce a word caries all kinds of sadness and distress , its suffering .
Palestinians know and practice it very well . Palestinians suffer in traveling , interesting and living . first, they face a big suffering when they travel from place to place , they have to wait for long time on checkpoints such as , Bait Hanon , Rafah border , Qalandia , Ein Ereek … etc .
Second , there aren’t places for interesting except two places which are the sea and Gaza park and they become boring from visiting it , They often don’t interest watching TV because of the effect of the discovery plane on TV channels signal . Third , they also face killing every time , destruction of houses and agricultural lands . On the other hand , the economical situation is so bad and there are high increasing in unemployment . Finally , how much I talk , you cannot know the feeling of who suffers until you live the same situation .